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Elevate Your Mind in Gig Harbor for $650k

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Yesterday's Gig Harbor listing a little too rich for your blood? We'll take it down a notch with a property that's no less gorgeous but a slightly more doable in the price department. Number-wise, this 3-bed's got views of the city and the water and comes in at 2,850 sq. ft., but what's really nice about it is, well, how it looks. A stone fireplace, deck, really pretty kitchen stocked with Viking appliances, and killer master suite (and walk-in closet) certainly all make an impact. The kicker? There's an elevator. In the house. Yeah, we know, but it's still pretty cool. The price tag: $650,000. · Listing: 9520 Crescent Cove Place, Gig Harbor [Redfin]