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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of August 15th-19th

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After weeks and weeks of boring Viaduct news, it totally went down this week. Elections! Arguments! Editorials! It was truly overwhelming. Lucky for you, we've broken it down.

Viaduct status: Upright. (And doomed.)
Recent earthquakes: A 2.8 on the Eastside.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: A couple lane reductions.
What we're getting: A tunnel, totally.

Here's a tiny fraction of what happened:

· The tunnel wins! [ST]
· And the work is totally starting! Heck, it started before the vote! [ST]
· The P-I talked to Mayor McGinn post-election. [P-I]
· And he wrote this thing for STB! [STB]
· PubliCola analyzed what happened, as they are wont to do. [PC]
· NPR left out the "S" in "WSDOT." And talked about the tunnel. [NPR]