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Another Food Truck Going Brick and Mortar; Madison Park Cafe's Makeover; Night Kitchen's Last Night

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant and nightlife blog...

MEALS ON WHEELS—Are you a fan of pig-shaped food truck Maximus Minimus? The porcine foodmobile is making plans for a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Owner Kurt Dammeier says he wants to do smoked meats and a full bar. Nothing firm yet on location or timeline.

MADISON PARK—The Norton family, who recently shuttered longtime Pike Place Market restaurant 94 Stewart, has shared a few more details about their new undertaking: the family is moving in to Madison Park Cafe. The new restaurant will be Italian (though not 'spaghetti Italian'), and known as Cafe Parco in homage to its predecessor.

BELLTOWN—In dire news for people who enjoy full-on upscale dinners at 3 a.m., The Night Kitchen has closed its doors. The odd-hours restaurant was a favorite with industry folk, night owls and random passers by who couldn't believe a restaurant was employing tablecloths in the middle of the night.