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Get Victorian in Port Townsend for $775k

Wait, wait -- what the heck is this? Seriously, Port Townsend? You're one sneaky place, because we definitely did not see a Victorian of this caliber coming. What else have you got up your sleeves, peninsula?!? In any case, this 5-bed is certainly something to write home about. Ringing in at 3,831 feet, it's kind of stunning from the outside, a full basement, a sweet deck, and, well look at it. If that's not enough, check out the kitchen. Yeah, it's sort of perfect. The only downside is the fact that PT is near, well, nothing, but screw it -- for a place like this, you can telecommute. It sings to the tune of $775,000. · Listing: 1232 Van Ness Street, Port Townsend [Redfin]