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Snag a Short Sale in Kirkland for $1.3m

Last time we saw a porte cochere up in here, we were hanging out at Jay Buhner's house oohing and ahhing over a poker room and massive batting cage. Pretty, yes, but a touch out of our price range. This next listing is slightly less expensive (though it's not a bargain by any means) and a short sale at that, so you may be able to talk them down. Head over to Kirkland for a look-see at all 5 bedrooms and 5,580 sq. ft. of room. What do you get in such a massive amount of space? Nothing less than a ridiculous heated garage all set for car-gasms galore, a treehouse, a legit kitchen, and some ridiculous views. Zillow estimates that this baby is worth around $1.5 million, but you can have it for $1,299,000. What a deal! · Listing: 10244 NE 110th Street, Kirkland [CB Bain]