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Hottest Brokers: Round 1 Continues

Yesterday proved to be an excellent opening battle for Hottest Brokers Week, but the war rages on! Today, we bring you the second match-up in the Elite Eight of hot agents and brokers. Read on for the contenders.

First up in today's battle of the Redfinners, we bring you Chad Pluid (in an excellently cropped Facebook profile picture). He was nominated for being impeccably dressed and his "killer eyebrow maintenance," which is always a winning quality in a fellow if you ask us. He's been with Redfin since 2009 and works mainly Seattle proper. Here's one of his listings.

The Challenger: fellow Redfinner Febe Cude. She also works primarily in Seattle proper, but does a fair bit of business on Mercer Island too. She was nominated (by the same person!) for being "smokin' hot." We'll admit, the combo of of her University of Colorado degree and helpful posts in Redfin's forums definitely earn her major points. Here's a pretty listing she sold last month.

But who's hotter? Tell us below.

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