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Pick a Neighborhood, Any Neighborhood for Just Shy of $200k

Neighborhood boundaries are a hot topic around these parts (and we're often called out for neglecting them), but even the listing agents can't decide where this condo is! Capitol Hill? Eastlake? Montlake? Portage Bay? They have no idea. We're going with a very solid Montlake and sort of raising an eyebrow at anyone who says any different, but we've been known to be wrong. In any case, this 2-bed condo is not at all shifty eyebrow-worthy if you ignore the sort-of-small 730 sq. ft. thing; in fact, it's kind of nice location-wise. Sure, it comes in just shy of $200k (therefore only barely qualifying for this feature at all), but it's on the third floor, has a view of the water (and, well, the bridge), and a fairly updated kitchen. You also get a fireplace and a balcony in the deal. Interested? It's $199,900. Saved by the Benjamin.

· Listing: 2524 Boyer Ave. East #322 [Redfin]