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Hottest Week Round 1, Match-Up Four

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The voting continues! For our fourth and final match-up in the first round of voting, we've got two lovely real estate pros awaiting your informed evaluation.

First up: Redfinner Klaus Gosma, nominated for his "perfectly Bic'ed head" and "impeccably trimmed beard." After thoroughly stalking him, we agree with both sentiments. Well done, Klaus. He's a Western Washington University grad who was born and raised right here in town, and he's totally killin' it with sales in West Seattle. His Facebook indicates that he enjoys old-school hip hop and Almost Live. There's a Seattle boy for you!Here's one of his recent listings.

The Challenger: Sarah Smith of Sarah Smith Realty, who was nominated by a friend for being not only beautiful but also "smart and a nice human being." Sounds like a catch to us! She was raised in Montana, has sold homes to anonymous NFL players (a lady never tells -- well done, Sarah), and likes playing volleyball. Here's one of her current listings. We like!

And now, let's wrap up the Elite Eight:

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