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Hottest Week Round 1, Match-Up Three

Curbed Seattle's foray into shallow (read: awesome) hotness rankings continues today with two, count 'em, two polls to determine the Final Four in our competition to be the most totally attractive broker or agent in town. We're going to need your thinking caps for this one, team. It's time play Hottest Brokers.

First up: Sam DeBord, Managing Broker of Wiegand DeBord Brokers. He grew up here, went to USC, and focuses on luxury real estate, and he writes the Seattle Waterfront Homes column for the P-I. He's also been interviewed in big-time papers like WSJ. He was nominated because he appeared to be a "pretty good contender" for the title. Here are some of his recent sales.

The Challenger: Robin McCue, another Redfinner. She grew up in Illinois and went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She does a lot of business in Ballard. Robin was nominated because she's apparently "even better in person." She's also very smart about her Facebook profile, because the only thing we could gather from it is that she appears to like photography. Well played, Robin. Here's one of her recently sold properties.

So how about it kids?

Poll results