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PriceChopper: Celebrity/Island Edition! Paul Allen's Allan Island Is Now Way Cheaper

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You know, some days you just can't get rid of an island. Billionaire Paul Allen's been trying to get his (sort of) namesake island, Allan Island, off his hands since 2005, when he listed it for $25 million. Apparently the demand for private islands named after former Microsoft execs isn't so pressing these days, so he's chopped the price to $13.5 million in an effort to get rid of the dang thing. Interested? Well of course you are! The island's located near Anacortes with views of the Olympics, The Rosario Strait, and the Strait of Juan De Fuca. It's also got a grass airstrip, a dock, and a breakwater, all nestled on 292 acres of nothin'. Do a guy a solid and take it off his hands, will you? We can't blame him, after all -- if it came to owning this or the Octopus, we'd take the boat too.

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