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Klaus Gosma Is Seattle's Hottest Broker of 2011

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Congrats to our inaugural Hottest Broker in Seattle, Klaus Gosma of Redfin. The competition was fierce, the voting ferocious, and the results closer than we imagine (on more than one occasion), but through sheer perseverance, will, and attractivness Klaus bested a former SeaGal and volleyball player to claim the crown (both of which, we'll admit, were also quite attractive, thereby making his victory all the more significant).

In honor of Klaus' decisive victory, we've found a few of his current listings and decided to share with the class. (Adding to his overall attractiveness, all of the listings have excellent photographs and no silly Ugly House Photo-esque problems to speak of. Well played, sir.)

See the spots below for properties King Klaus has on the market as we speak, and try to contain your excitement when you call him up to schedule a viewing. (Don't get any ideas, ladies. He's married.)

Congrats Klaus!

· 4155 14th Avenue South
· 4433 44th Avenue SW Unit C
· 6015 33rd Avenue South

· Klaus Gosma, Redfin