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Get Your Olson Kundig On All Autumn Long

Washington State University is celebrating Jim Olson, founder of local architecture big-shots Olson Kundig, from now until December 10th with a museum exhibit dedicated exclusively to his designs, his legacy, and the things he built in the first 50 years of his career. The main focus, though, will be the man's relationship with art and how it influences his design -- and anybody who's perused Jim Olson Houses knows the influence is fairly strong.

He did a book signing last night on-campus to celebrate the event, and more touring and lectures are planned for the show's run. The show's so fresh that there aren't actual photos available to whet your appetite yet, but we promise to follow up with some as the day goes on. In the meantime, enjoy this pretty poster!

·Jim Olson: Architecture for Art
· Washington State University School of Architecture and Construction Management
· Olson Kundig Architects

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