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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of August 1st-5th

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Viaduct status: Upright last we checked, but then again our commute was a few hours ago so things might have changed.
Recent earthquakes: Nada since Fall City.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: A few gross nighttime shutdowns that start at 7 pm. Um, guys? That's a little early.
What we're getting: If the photo above is any evidence, a tunnel.

Here's the news:

· A handy-dandy guide to Ref. 1 [Seattlest]
· Apparently we're paying for the tunnel the same way as we always were... [PubliCola]
· Aaaand now we're talking about democracy. Great. [Seattle Times]
· Why all this stuff matters so dang much [Crosscut]
· Wait, so how much is this gonna actually cost? [Slog]
· Gregoire totally wants us to pass Ref. 1. [Seattle Times]