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Listing Photos: Do Better Next Time.

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It's not often we stumble across truly ridiculous listing photos in Seattle (since we're so perfect and design savvy and forward thinking and blah blah blah also we're not Phoenix), but a very excellent tip led us to this fabulous Everett listing that's certainly worth a second look. Not in the you-should-buy-it sense, though. More in the what-happened-to-these-owners-mid-paint-job-that-made-them-flee-so-quickly sense. House ain't bad, right? 3 beds! 1,238 sq. ft.! Under $200,000! Why on earth aren't we featuring this tomorrow for Under 2 Tuesday? Well, friends, here's why: all the rooms are half painted, and that's too hilarious not to merit its own post. No, seriously. Click through and find all the fantastic, strangely selected paint colors only partially applied. It's like you caught this house getting dressed! Truly delightful on a Monday, we must say.

If you're up for the challenge of painting the rest of the place (assuming these photos weren't just taken mid-job, in which case stop being overeager and wait a few hours, realtors!), this sucker's only $175,000 and it's certainly got a whole heck of a lot of potential. After, you know, you rip off all the painter's tape.

· 1325 56th Street SW, Everett [Estately]