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Under 2 Tuesday -- Surely You Jest, Tacoma.

Things we love in a good listing: claw-footed tubs. Fireplaces (complete with Photoshopped flames to demonstrate that they work). Indications that the former owners did a decent job painting the place. Craftsman-looking design. Offices. Things we really really love: price tags under $200k. That's why today's U2T really blows our collective minds: it's under $200,000? Really? It's a 3-bed with just shy of 2,000 sq. ft. to work with, and it looks like it's the beneficiary of some clever flipping because it sold for just under $60k back in February and now it's back on the market looking mighty pretty. The price tag: a ridiculous $167,500. What, is it haunted? · Listing: 2117 S Hosmer Street, Tacoma [Redfin]