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Wealthy Commitment-Phobes, Rent. This. Apartment.

It's September 1st, and you know what that means! (Well, if you're a homeowner, it means you change your calendar. If you rent, it means write your dang check already.) One would think all the pretty rentals would be sucked dry right about now as people scramble to snag a place before the month starts, but we found this pretty little guy just waiting for us to ooh and aah at it on For $5,600 per month (plus a $5,600 deposit) you can live at friggin' 1000 1st Avenue. No, we're not messing with you. (Okay, we are, because paying that much for a 2-bed is fairly silly in this town.) It's in the Madison Tower (on top of Hotel 1000) on the 21st floor, it's 1,750 sq. ft., it's got 2.5 baths and a den, a killer closet system, access to their cool clubhouse and tricked-out fake golf course, a rooftop deck, and air conditioning. Oh, wait, did we mention that there's a spa downstairs in the hotel? And there's no commitment! You can live there and totally leave town in a year! Well-paid commitment phobes, take note.

· Rental Listing: 1000 1st Avenue #2101