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A "Historically Significant Dormered Villa" in Tacoma for $775k

Today we're heading south to Tacoma for a 1905-built 4-bed that's apparently "historically significant." It's also a "dormered villa," which sounds very snooty and pretentious but actually is fairly accurate. All ridiculous listing language aside, it's got 5,400 sq. ft. to its name, views of the Sound, and a maid's apartment. It also has a really gorgeous porch, and it's pretty close to Stadium High School. Full disclosure: we don't hate it. If you're at all interested, you'll be totally stoked to find out that, though it would go for quite a bit more if it were in the actual 206 area code, it's listed for $775,000 in Tacoma. Get on it.

· Listing: 602 North C Street, Tacoma [Redfin]