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Stay Under $500k on Cap Hill... Barely.

We like some clever writing just as much as the next snarky real estate bloggers, but when the selling point of a listing's description is that it's under $500k and the actual price is less than a Benjamin under that, we need to be seriously impressed to rise above our annoyance. Judge whether this one's on mark for yourself: it's a 3-bed in Cap Hill with 1,540 sq. ft. to its name and some admittedly great views. It's got a deck, a patio, some pretty blonde wood in the kitchen, and a two-car garage, and it's at least fairly interesting to look at from the street. We'll give it credit for being kind of pretty. The kicker: it's $499,950. Seriously, guy? That's what you call under $500k? We'd be lying if we said we weren't conflicted. · Listing: 1604 Lakeview Boulevard East [ZipRealty]