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Whaaa? West Elm's Giving Stuff Away?

Seriously, West Elm? Do you have to make us so excited that you're coming to Seattle that we can't even focus at work? Because obviously it's affecting us seriously here, seeing as we can't go two days without talking about you. Whatever, we're doing it again.

To celebrate finally landing in the good ol' 206, West Elm's having a sweepstakes (on top of a big party on opening night and lots of tours and all that jazz, which likely would have sufficed). You can enter here. Winners get to come to the store before the launch (with a friend, since moral support is crucial when facing such crazy temptation) and a $2000 shopping spree (also crucial when your resistance to said temptation fails).

The caveat: it's only open to residents of the Seattle area. Does that include South King County? Snohomish? No? We're curious. Leave your thoughts on what the boundaries should be in the comments.

· West Elm Sweepstakes

West Elm

2201 Westlake Ave., Seattle, WA 98121