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Rent In Style on North Capitol Hill

When was the last time a rental house actually appealed to you? Usually they're sort of thrown together with gross old radiant heat and some creaky floorboards and a weird landlord who says you have to cut the grass a certain way and that sort of thing. Plainly put, the whole living-in-a-single-family-house thing isn't worth the trouble and you go for an apartment. If you've got some cash to spare, though, you might want to change your thinking for this Capitol Hill Tudor -- it's got 4 beds, 5,222 sq. ft., and you can move in on October 1st if you so choose. You'll be living in style, too -- there's a wine cellar, a fitness room, a view of Lake Union, and a game room with a classy-looking pool table and hardwood floors that are basically to die for. For the price of a first and last month's rent, it's can be all yours for the next four months. The check you'll be writing each month reads $6,500. · Rental Listing: 1664 Federal Avenue East [Craigslist]