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Think Thin in Greenwood For $180k

We have mixed feelings about Greenwood -- it's pretty hit or miss in the awesome listing sense, and it's just far enough from downtown that it's a little too inconvenient to be paying Ballard-type prices. That's why this unit is kind of impressive -- sure, it's a 1-bed and it's only 640 sq. ft., but if a spot to call your own that's fairly nice and new is what you seek then it's likely right up your alley. It's near Carkeek Park and within walking distance of a grocery store, it's got in-unit laundry, and the kitchen is on the new side. As the kind-of-average listing photos show (with some above-average staging), there's a lot of potential here -- if you don't have a king bed. Then you're kind of out of luck. The price of living little and liking it: $179,000. · Listing: 10021 7th venue NW Unit C [Redin]