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Get Galactic in West Seattle for $280k

Let's play that game from Sesame Street -- you know the one, where one of these things is not like the others and one of these things just doesn't belong. This 3-bed, 1,554 sq. ft. townhouse in West Seattle is kind of lovely -- the interior is gorgeous, pretty tasteful, and we're super into the layout and staging (way to go for striped walls, guys). The kitchen's all sparkly and granitey and nice, the hardwood floors are pretty killer, and it's built green. Get a few rooms in, though, and you're in flipping outer space. Where did that room come from? What kind of man cave is that? Why is the furniture so tasteful and the art so ridiculous? We're stumped, but we're also entertained. The price of blasting off: $279,990. · Listing: 2800 SW Bataan Street [Estately]