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Secret Spilling in Madrona Costs About $2m These Days

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Whenever a listing doesn't disclose an actual address, we're torn. Sure, privacy is a big deal, but don't you want people to actually know where they're living? And don't you understand that Google Maps makes everything totally public, even if you try super hard to be discrete and sneaky? This listing didn't put in much effort though, because even when the listing address is undisclosed the headline still reads "1732 Lake Washington Boulevard." Thinking about joining the CIA anytime soon? Don't quit your day job, kid. Regardless of questionable secret-keeping tactics, this 6-bed is a whopping 7,010 sq. ft. and was built in 1913, so the buyer will have a pedigree to go with its Tudor-y good looks. Add to that leaded glass windows, sweet views, and four fireplaces and you've definitely got us interested. The price of being sparkly but not sneaky: a cool $2,000,000. ·Listing: 1732 Lake Washington Boulevard [Redfin]