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Christmas Listings Are Already Here: Are You Peeved?

Don't get us wrong -- we here at Curbed Seattle really enjoy the holidays, and we have lots of fun, kitschy, almost-annoying things planned for you as winter draws near. Right now, though, we're a little peeved. It's not even time to start actually thinking about Halloween yet, and the listing agent here has the nerve to post a Christmas picture to show off a living room? How rude. It's a 2-bed in Belltown with 1,129 sq. ft. to work with and it's right above Macrina Bakery, but we still feel a little Grinchy about it. Seriously, does a Christmas picture make you think of all the fun times you could have in this condo come December (which is still three months away) or does it sort of tick you off? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Oh yeah -- if you're interested, it's on the market for $499,000.
· Listing: 2415 2nd Avenue Unit 734 [Estately]