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Ponder Over The Meaning of "Manhattan-Style" in Madison Park for $1.475m

The term "Manhattan-style" doesn't come up too often around these parts outside of the wild world of clam chowder ordering (and a wild world it is). When this listing popped up, then, we were curious. What exactly is a Manhattan-style flat? Apparently it means that this 2-bed has really awesome views, a garden patio and French doors. It's also pretty spacious, coming it at 1,901 sq. ft. It's on the second of four floors in the building and there are only four units, so we know it's a little bit more private than Manhattan. What is it, then, that sets this in a New York-y category? Check the price tag: it's a cool $1,475,000. There we go! · Listing: 2061 43rd Avenue East #201 [Redfin]

Waterfront Park

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