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Rent It, Classy Edition: Broadmoor

We've said it before, but we really mean it when we say it this time: Daaaaayum. We like a French Colonial, we love a 3-bed, we're keen on Broadmoor, and you know we're suckers for a pretty listing photo. Put 'em all together and you get ... a rental? Yeah, we didn't believe it either, but it turns out this sucker can be all yours on a monthly basis. It's got a Calcutta marble kitchen (total broker-speak, but whatever), a 1000 sq. ft. patio and garden, a 2-car garage, and the option to rent it furnished. We're not sure if that means it'll be furnished like this, but it's worth a shot, right? The price of calling this place (temporarily) yours : $5,400 a month. · Rental Listing: 1426 Broadmoor Drive East [Postlets]