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Live In An Ikea Dream(town)house on Cap Hill for $415k

When we first took a look at this 3-bed, 1400 sq. ft. townhouse in Capitol Hill, two things struck us. First: we can't really decide if the price here is wildly low or not. We're very, very torn here, and we would like your opinions in the comments as we sort things out in our heads. Second, whoever staged this place has a serious Ikea fetish. We're also guilty, as we spent a good portion of the past few weeks drooling over the 2012 catalog and mentally redecorating our entire lives, but still -- when you recognize 90% of the furniture from a single location, it's noteworthy. All that aside, this townhouse is sort of a catch. Three beds? On Capitol Hill? Near a Trader Joe's (according to the listing language)? With a pretty kitchen, bamboo floors, and pretty (if impractical) vessel sinks? Yeah, we have a little crush. The price: $415,000. Discuss. · Listing: 1523 18th Avenue [Zip Realty]