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Car or Condo in Federal Way?

What's a full-size luxury vehicle run these days? Mid $50ks? Something like that? Well screw that Lexus dude, because you could downgrade to a Kia and still have enough cash to buy this condo in Federal Way. Under 2 Tuesday did it big this week. Okay, it's little. Like, just over 500 sq. ft. But it's got two stories, one bed, new carpet and paint, a parking spot, and it's still in King County! Sure, place could use some sprucing up, but if you're looking for a property to rent to underpaid recent college grads or cash-pressed newlyweds, this is totally right up your alley. The price tag: a whopping $32,900. Who loves you, baby? · Listing: 4601 SW 320th Street #Q3, Federal Way [Estately]