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Sketchy In A Good Way On Bainbridge Island

Whenever we see a sketch of a house as the first photo in a listing, we're a little bummed. "Sucker's not even built yet," we think. "Talk about setting you up to be disappointed!" This 3-bed on Bainbridge is a little different, though, because all 3,754 sq. ft. of it already exist. They get a little teary in the listing language (waxing all eloquent about how you can "watch the crew teams practice while the Cormorants and Herons fish off your dock from this classic cedar shake home") but we'll forgive them and their shaky grammar for a look at this house. It was built in 1936, remodeled in the '70s, and has a flippin' dock. What more could you want? The price tag: $1,070,000. · Listing: 321 Lovell Avenue SW, Bainbridge Island [Estately]

Waterfront Park

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