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Take The Stage(d Apartment) at Pike Place for $950k

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You know how when you tour a model home you're always super into the furniture and layout and all that jazz, but then you sign for your actual apartment and it's just your stuff in there looking about half as cool as the staged unit? This 2-bed at 2000 Alaskan Way just might be nothing like that, because it's the actual model unit. Okay, so it doesn't come with the furniture or anything, but at least you know the potential is there! Coming in at 1,363 square feet, it gives you access to a roof deck, the building's sauna and workout room, and the market right outside. Plus, you know all the countertops and cabinets are super nice because they used them to sell the other apartments, man. The price of gaming the system: $949,950. · Listing: 2000 Alaskan Way [CB Bain]