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Talk 'Em Down on Mercer Island for Under $1m

We're all for taking advantage of the situation, so here's a good one to look at if you're of the same mindset. This Mercer Island Craftsman has 4 beds, 3,400 sq. ft., and no staged furniture trying to convince you someone still lives in the place. What's that mean, you may ask? The owners are definitely outta there, and they want to get rid of the place so you can probably talk them down. (We're just saying, empty rooms in listing photos imply somebody's booked.) If you're the lucky dog who gets to use the master suite, you get a fireplace and a walk-in closet out of the deal. Everyone else scores two decks, a hot tub, an unfinished basement, a wine cellar, and a double oven that will certainly make pastry chefs take pause. The price you're trying to haggle down: $935,000. · Listing: 8879 SE 47th Street, Mercer Island [Estately]