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Let The Hipster-Off Commence!

Apparently the entire city of Austin has gotten word of our tough-talkin' hipsterdom, and we've come under fire as hipster posers with little more than some newly-grown handlebar mustaches and old flannel from the 90s to back up our claims of pretentious hipster-y awesomeness. They've challenged us to a hipster-off, and we proudly accept that challenge. (We've also stolen this graphic, since, you know, hipsters pirate stuff sometimes. That, and we do enjoy driving it. It is so choice.)

The prize? Ultimate claim to hipsterdom. The terms? Well, there are none, other than that we hope there will be a ton of graphic hipster-related Zoolander references ('sup, Billy Zane). The challenger: flippin' Austin. Now, yes. They have things like SXSW going for them, but we have a concert named after an umbrella in our corner. We also have, you know, the root of all hipsterdom (grunge) backing us up. Seriously, Austin? You know why you're wearing that flannel? Because it's ironic and hasn't been cool since the 90s, since you got the idea from... wait for it... Seattle. That's right. It's on.

Send us your hipster-y house photos. Heck, send us photos of you looking like a hipster in front of a house. Or anything that could be a house. Like a boat. Nothing's hipsterier than living on a boat, right? And we have that down pat. Hit us up at We have turf to defend!

(Also, what's more hipster than buying a Palm-Springs getaway from the co-founder of Rudy's and the Ace? Nothing. Ironic tennis-playing in old-timey Palm Springs? Come on Austin, do you know what you're getting yourself into?)