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Houseboat Alert! For Under $200k!

Since we had a hipster-off to attend to yesterday, we couldn't really do Under 2 Tuesday. Bigger, flannel-clad fish to fry, know what we're saying? So we've postponed until now, because we just can't ignore this amazing, amazing, hipster-y houseboat. We literally can't think of a reason not to buy this house, unless you're not into, you know, cool houseboats or happiness or mortgages or something. It's got two bedrooms! It's got a deck! It's in a crazy-good location! It's flippin' adorable! Sure, it's not huge, but we don't care. Also, there's no bath -- just a shower. Whatever, baths are boring. This place is fantastic without it. It's great. We're in love. If anybody ever felt any affection for us ever, they'd buy us this houseboat, like, yesterday. Since they didn't, it's still up for grabs for $199,000. Go! Buy! Now!

· Listing: 2201 Fairview Avenue East Apartment 3[Zillow]