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You Live Where Again?!

Say hello to Extreme Washington Real Estate -- Home Edition and feast your eyes on the best (and when we say best, we mean whatever is synonymous with "quirkiest") homes that Washington has to offer that's still up for grabs. Guess this is your lucky day. (And we know the pictures are on the grainy side, but cut us some slack -- we're just trying to get you the medieval mood. Hence the pictures that look like oil painting renderings. Pretty good, huh?)

Let's be realistic -- getting your hands on a real castle stateside (or anywhere, really) that's also affordable is nearly impossible. Your Rapunzel fantasy can finally come true, as this two-story, one-bedroom castle turret on Lake Chelan is for sale. Sure, it's only 111 sq. ft. and is only accessible by boat, but on the flip side, you can tell your friends that you have waterfront property that only cost you $129,000. This is the ideal spot for wannabe medieval princesses with amnesia to enjoy being rescued daily and aspiring Dharma Bums to find isolation and achieve "oneness" with nature. The options are limitless. Just saying.

· Listing: Chelan, WA 98816 [Homes]