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Rent a 7-bedroom in Capitol Hill! Seven! Beds!

We've discussed this guy before (seeing as he's so ridiculously pricey but also so ridiculously pretty), but he's back on the rental market again and it's about time he gets a second look. It's 8,440 sq. ft. and has seven bedrooms, which means each of you gets, like, over 1,000 sq. ft. and you could very well never see your roommates or family again if you don't want to. Add to that a carriage apartment, "private terraces," some killer grounds, and, well, the chance to live in a 1913-built Tudor that looks like that, and we'd say you've got a pretty nice life going on. The rather hefty price tag: $8,000 a month. The rather hefty security deposit: $20,000. Goodness. · Rental Listing: 1161 21st Avenue East [Postlets]