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Buy One, Get One Free!

Real estate in the Portage Bay area doesn't come cheap -- that goes without saying. But what if we told you could get two houses in the neighborhood for the price of one?
We're not talking two one bed, one bath "fixer-uppers" on the opposite sides of the 'hood. (C'mon, have a little faith -- that's not how we roll.) We're talking about a renovated Paul Hayden Kirk residence and a sizable, rustic-chic guest cottage out back sharing a 6,988 sq. ft. lot. Between the two, you'll have 6 bedrooms, 4.25 baths, new gorgeous deck, a fully finished basement and a "daylight basement" (perhaps for those who like the storage space but are scared of the dark?) that you can settle into. And with a whopping 4,470 finished sq. ft. and a ton of energy-efficient windows, you'll have plenty of (well-lit) space to romp around. And did we mention that the house comes fully equipped with not one, not two, but five fireplaces? (Ideal for staying cozy on days with power outages...just saying...)
You can put your coupon book away. This two-for-one Portage Bay property can be all yours for a measly $879,000 -- a total steal if you ask us.

·Listing: 2930 Harvard Ave E [Redfin]