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Zillow Launches Neighborhood Advice Online

Zillow launched a new online tool today that's kind of cool (and kind of, um, threatening our job a little) -- it's a new Neighborhood Advice app that lets you check out a neighborhood before you buy a house the way you'd ask your friends and neighbors what they thought of it back before we had the whole new-fangled internet thing mastered. We took it for a test spin, and it's actually pretty cool. And a little creepy, but whatever.

The whole thing works as a Facebook app -- basically, you sign on up (which means they can post on your wall, yes) and it lets you zoom in on a map of the neighborhood you're investigating, see which of your friends have checked in there, and ask them what they think of the place. Ayo technology, right?

The app launched late last night, so check it out if you're in the market for some new digs or just like killing time at work. Either way, it's excellent for stalking. Simply excellent.