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Are You...Talkin' to Me?!

Are you ready for this? An article in the "Los Angeles Times" dubbed Seattleites as "snow wimps," informing us that we're "clueless" and "easily scareable" when it comes to such weather. Really, LA? Really? New Yorkers have every right to hit us with a few snarky jabs. Bostonians can poke fun at our freak-out Snowmageddon response to what they call a nice day in March. But the folks who complain it's "freezing" when temperatures drop to a "mind-numbingly cold" 60 degrees; the people who refuse to go outside and make silent plans build an ark when it rains -- don't call us wimps when it comes to weather, princess. Get back to us with the name calling when you try driving to work on a sheet of perpetually melting and freezing snow , otherwise known as, you know, ice. Then, we'll talk.