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Your Snowy Viaduct Watch for the Week of January 16th-20th

Without further ado, your weekly update on the city's favorite falling-apart thoroughfare.
Viaduct status: Rather slushy, but upright!
Recent earthquakes: Puyallup yesterday. Snowquake, anyone?
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Just some local street closures. Calm after the (snow)storm much?

And now, all the icy news:

· It's making it hard to get to the city for West Seattleites. That and the snow, we guess. [WSB]
· We've got tolls! [MV]
· At least the sucker got plowed, right? [ST]
· More fun West Seattle drama! [WSB]
· That new ramp is causing some issues though! [ST]