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You Live Where Again?!: Shacking up, Ingalls' Style

These days, when people call a place "rustic," they're either saying that the place is a dark treasure trove of hunted animal trophies or a sprawling manse that is "simple" because of its custom-made, Amish furnishings. For those looking to live more simply, to be truly one with nature, to fulfill that dream of living on a little house on the prairie -- look no further. For this week's installment of Extreme Washington Real Estate -- Home Edition, we have a bonafide, rustic log cabin (with a view!) up for grabs on the Olympic Peninsula.
Built with hemlock logs and cedar boards, this no-frills log cabin sits on 6500 sq. ft. of land and is close to the Olympic National Park and the Hoh River. Sure, the place is small. But you'll get the real, rustic cabin-experience by sharing the 500 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, a loft, and making hot cocoa and cuddling around the newly installed wood stove. And to make sure your "house on the prairie" is the real deal, the house only comes equipped with three solar panels to provide you with 240 total watts so you don't punk out and spend your days holed up inside eating nothing but microwavable Lean Cuisines, watching Netflix reruns of "Veronica Mars", all while blasting your space heater and Ipod.
Here's the best news: you can live that picturesque Laura Ingalls-lifestyle for only $49,000. So grab your gingham dress and polish off that butter churner -- the rustic dream awaits.