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Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple, Open the Doors and See All the The Sanctuary!

We've all heard it: 2012 is slated to be our last year living in "peace" before the actual apocalypse, the revelation, the War of the Worlds wipes us all out. Well, good news: you can live out your final days (and maybe survive the end of times) in The Sanctuary. Not the metaphorical one that exists in your mind or the building down the street laden with crucifixes and holographic images of the Mother Mary. We're talking The Sanctuary, the historic 1906 First Church of Christ, Scientist atop Capitol Hill now turned residential opportunity.

And now it's time to move in.

We hear the converted church has Corinthian columns, reclaimed masonry, Elephant skin-covered doors, massive stained-glass windows, and even recycled hardwood pews that serve as stair treads. Majestic, to say the least.

And listen to these numbers: after six years of construction, each of the 12 units in The Sanctuary boasts floor plans of 1,600 to more than 3,500 sq. ft., ceilings of up to 30 ft. high, and can be yours for a measly $500,000. And it's set to debut on the market on Sunday, blessed Sunday, January 29.

Christmas keeps on comin'. So fear not for your eternal soul. Quit burning the incense -- your soul can find a classy mortal haven in The Sanctuary, starting this weekend.

The Residences at The Sanctuary

1841 16th Avenue, Seattle, WA