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Help a Fellow Out: Stephen Needs a Sublet

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We got a lovely reader inquiry yesterday regarding subletting for the summer. Stephen, a student at Willamette University, has a gig in a law office this summer near the Convention Center, and he needs a place to live for the duration of the job. Usually, we'd steer someone like this toward Craigslist. (Do your own work, buddy!) However, we've decided to help a fellow out and crowdsource a bit -- that means you'll be doing the work, not him. (Or us.)

Here are the deets: he needs to be here from mid-May to mid-August. He said he'd like to be within two-ish miles of the Convention Center downtown, and he's looking for a one-bed or studio. Parking would be nice, and so would a gym, but neither is necessary. In an ideal world, the rental would be from the 15th-ish to the 15th-ish so he doesn't have to pay for extra time, but if your spot is from the beginning of May to the end of August it's fine too. The catch: it needs to be under $1,500 a month.

Can you make it happen, dear readers? Hit us up at with all the details and we'll help our dear friend out. We're sure it'll get you good karma.