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A Condo Kind of Town, Bellevue Is...

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We all know that Bellevue is a schwanky spot to live, but now the city has some solid street cred to really back it up. Bellevue Towers, the largest urban condo project in the region (whatever region Bellevue? Western Washington? the Pacific Northwest? you decide!) was also the region's best selling condos in 2011. Here are the numbers to prove it: Last year, Bellevue Towers sold $88,940,000 worth of condos -- double the volume of the closest, comparable project in the current market -- at an average of $433 per sq. ft. (a total steal if you're looking to move into that schmancy downtown Bellevue locale).

But we're not just saying all this to give the Eastside a big pat on the back (not that you don't deserve it, Bellevue...). There's a little something in it for you, prospective (first or second or vacation or just casual Tuesday-hangout home) buyers. Although about 50 percent of the units have been sold, you can still snag one for -- wait for it -- an average of 30 percent off the original price. There's even a limited release of new homes that have been reduced by as much as 40 percent.

Sound too good to be true? Sound like there might be a clause that you may have to relinquish rights to your left kidney after closing the deal? No, no, we assure you -- the news only gets better.

Bellevue Towers consists of a 42-story North Tower and a 43-story South Tower and a size and price in each to fit everyone's needs. Remaining homes include 807 sq. ft. studios (studios!) for less than $300,000 to roomy (and when we say roomy, we mean obscenely large) 6,398 sq. ft. penthouses starting at $2 million big ones. (Three of these mondo penthouses have already sold!) One-bedroom pads with 1,043 sq. ft. start at less than $440,000, a reduction of $211,000 from the original price.

And the perks? Oh, don't even get us started on the perks. Access to a 24,000 sq. ft. urban garden, a private screening room, a large dining room complete with accompanying terrace and chef's kitchen, fitness center, spa and sun deck, and on, and on...need we continue?

Bellevue, we don't like to cheat on Seattle, but when you flash those tantalizing numbers at us with those big Towers of yours, your razmatazz gets too hard to resist, Bellevue, you condo kind of town, you...

Bellevue Towers

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