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Delicious Math

Here's a little simple math to brighten your Friday: Samoa Cookies + BOKA Kitchen + Bar = Best Start to Seattle Boat Show. This year, BOKA Kitchen + Bar is teaming up with the Seattle Boat Show this afternoon from 11 AM (i.e. NOW) to 1 PM to dish up some FREE and delicious, homemade Samoa Cookies street side to any passers by. Also, Seattle Boat Show attendees can park at the Hotel 1000 for only $10 (for two hours) or $18 (half day) this whole weekend. Added perk? Parking guests will receive $5 in BOKA Bucks to be used toward any menu item at the restaurant AND some extra shortbread, caramel, coconut, and chocolate Samoa cookie goodness. Cookies + Free BOKA Money = Happy Friday!