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Real Estate Confidential

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Redfin, you gotta stop. We're just starting to like you more and more. First, that calendar last week. Delightful! Next, this ridiculous Twitter feed of agent horror stories? Seriously! We're so conflicted!

Says Redfin's spokesguy of @REConfidential: "they're the kind of stories our agents all over the country laugh about over drinks." It's part of their move to be more transparent with reviews and discussion from past clients of their services. (So they're being honest that yes, when you do weird things they discuss it. Transparency at its finest!)

We've included a few choice bits after the jump. Things we've learned: people hang out naked a LOT!


And more nudity:

Aaaaand more nudity:

And just to change it up a bit, some potential porn:


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121