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A Swanky 2-Bed On Alki for Under $1m

Here now, From Curbed Marketplace, highlighting an intriguing real estate listing from the many thousands of properties found in the Curbed Marketplace. Browsing the Marketplace and spot a property worthy of being featured? Send it to the tipline.

At about this time of the winter, we all start to long for that one freakish day in May when it gets super hot and everyone brings their pale butts to Alki and gets super sunburned and it's important enough that all the news stations cover it. Well, too bad guys, because it's still January and it's cold. Something to taunt you while you long for a trip to the beach: this 2-bed on Alki. It's over 1,800 sq. ft., modern in that garage-from-Ferris-Bueller-but-not-cantilevered way, and it's got parking (which is hard to come by on Alki). Best of all, it's under $1 million. Seriously! The price tag: $845,000.
· Listing: 1226 Alki Ave. SW #4100 [Zillow]