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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of January 2nd-6th

Without further ado, your weekly update on the city's favorite falling-apart thoroughfare.
Viaduct status: Diverted, but functional.
Recent earthquakes: Just miniquakes. Anyone else think this new earthquake map is totally hyperbolic?
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Nothing new, anyway.

Here's the deal:

· Apparently the Seattle Times couldn't stop talking about it last year either. [ST]
· The Viaduct made PubliCola's list of jolts from 2011. [PC]
· They're diverting Alaskan Way South now. [WSB]
· They're pretty much done assessing the cost for the first time around. [LSJ]
· A guy got hit on the first day of the Viaduct closure. [ST]
· Water Taxi ridership might not just be on account of Viadoom afterall. [WSB]