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How to Have a Hipster Home

We know we don't lay claim to the hipster-capital-of-the-world crown or anything, but we do think we've got a legit case when we say that Seattle knows hipster design. That's why this story on AG Beat kind of caught out interest -- it's on the top ten ways to have a hipster home, and it includes a bunch of stuff we totally rule at. Like, as a city. Screw lampshades! Hell, even our trees wear crocheted sweaters. And we know you have evidence.

We're turning to you, dear readers, for all things hipster and designy. Live in a hipster-riffic pad? Got a neighbor with a rain barrel? Got an ironic appliance on purpose, and not just because you live in a super-old Capitol Hill apartment? We want to see it. Send us shots of your hipster house. We'll be putting the best of the best together in a lovely slideshow (maybe even using Instagram!) to show off just how hipster-y we are here in Seattle. There's some pride to be defended here, guys. Do us proud.

· How to have a hipster home [AG Beat]