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Did We Mention Jamie Moyer's Manse has a Batting Cage?

Despite the $500K pricechop, no one in the Seattle area or beyond seems to want the chance to live in Jamie Moyer's previous Magnolia residence. On the market now for nearly a year, the 7-bed, 7,100 sq. ft. manse popped up again on our radar when the folks at Coldwell Banker, in honor of the MLB playoffs, compiled a list of 17 homes that sported backyard or in-house batting cages. While the list is far from comprehensive (as even in our basic search, we found yet another covered cage in Browns Point ), Moyer's sweet digs was the only listing featured on the West Coast. While the Seattle legend's career is coming to a close -- although, at this rate, looks like he could be pitching in some capacity until he's 70 -- it's time to shelve the dreams that he's going to come back to live in this beast of a house. After that half-a-mil pricechop, the house on a hill clocks in at $4.85 million, with batting cage and all.

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