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Regal Cocker Spaniel or Ghost Dog Living in Leschi Home?

After spending a lengthy amount of time unblinkingly gazing at the photo above boasting quasi-regal design, we are still left befuddled as to whether the ever-so-docile cocker spaniel sitting in the armchair is real. While it may seem irrelevant, we're intrigued as to the realness of the dog, for if it is, it's curious that the owners would want/allow their four-legged friend to be featured in the listing photo. But if the dog isn't real, that most likely means that this 1908-built house is also home to a ghost dog, which while may be perfect for haunted house set up for Halloween, is not ideal for the faint of heart. And wouldn't a prospective buyer like to know if his house is haunted, especially if he is about to dish out $925,000?

· Listing: 220 32nd Ave [Estately]